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Asian Games Album | Prepare highway bicycles!
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The Asian Games look at it first

In less than 200 days, the Hangzhou Asian Games will officially open. Currently in various areas of Hangzhou, all venues and facilities are being installed and debugged in full swing. Berte takes you into the Asian Games and take a look at the important role of the tent in the Asian Games.
Zone introduction

The highway bicycle area is one of the four bicycle projects of the Hangzhou Asian Games. The remaining three are mountain bicycles, small wheels and venue bicycles; the highway bicycle area is established in the first block of Chun'an Qiandao Lake. A very ornamental project.
Due to the venue needs of the highway bicycle race, the starting point of the competition is set on the north side of the Asian Games. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the highway bicycle race, Westbert has established a professional race tent for the highway bicycle race.
Competition area tent

The construction of a tent area is an important guarantee for outdoor sports events, involving the referee, logistics group, media group, security group, and team's rest areas of the competition process.
Starting from the preparation of the event, we will start to be busy here. Athletes need to be familiar with the venue and the environment; the media group needs to debug the equipment and prepare for live broadcast; Interference; this tent area will become the most important brain and heart in the game!

The Asian Games look at it first

During this event, WT Tent used the combination of multi -cone top tents and human -shaped tents to provide comprehensive temporary room support for the area.
A-shaped tent

The Chun'an District of the Hangzhou Asian Games is located in the first block of the Chun'an Qiandao Lake Tourism Resort. The total area is about 8.4 square kilometers, the waters are 6,300 acres, and the land area is 6,300 acres. The region mainly undertakes three major races of bicycles, iron people, and open waters, including six small races including venue bicycles, mountain bicycles, highway bicycles, small wheel cars, Iron Man, and public waters swimming.
The highway bicycle race of this Asian Games will be held at the Head of the Borders

 All products of Suzhou Wt Tent Co., Ltd. are made in Germany, and the main structure is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The tarpaulin is based on polyfilament long resin, and the surface is attached with PV film. The tarpaulin is mainly white, and other colors can be customized. The Wisbert smart tent has the following characteristics: weatherproof, anti-ultraviolet, B1-level fireproof, cold-resistant, anti-wrinkle top cloth, opaque, weight 850g/m2, fire-retardant, in line with German DIN 4102 B1, M2 standards Wind load capacity 80-100Km/h.
       Company inventory tent: span (width) from 3m-70m, the length can be increased infinitely according to 3m/group or 5m/group. The side height ranges from 2.6m to 12.5m. It has the properties of fireproof, windproof, firm and reliable.
       The main products are: spire, herringbone, spherical, curved, arched, peach-shaped and various special-shaped tents. Our event tents, storage tents, wedding tents, and exhibition tents are widely used in family gatherings, business meetings, exhibitions, large-scale celebrations, warehousing logistics, disaster relief inspections and other scenarios. There are no pillars in the middle of the tent, and the venue is 100% used.
       Tent interior supporting: floor, platform, carpet, cloth curtain, lamps, air conditioner, stage, audio, table, chair, and other equipment. One-stop all-round service to fully meet customer needs.
Fixing method: free method 1: steel brazing (soil ground is suitable for steel brazing);
                 Free way 2: Expansion screws (if the ground is cement and can be destructively constructed, it is suitable for expansion screws, which can reduce the cost);
                Charge method 3: cement block, yellow sand, water tank weight (no destructive construction on the ground);
    Tent products can be widely used in the exhibition industry: outdoor temporary exhibition halls, indoor/outdoor special sales booths, temporary exhibition halls, VIP lounges, reception centers, news centers, speech venues, conference rooms, product tour exhibitions, new product releases, publicity displays, etc. .
    The tent products are made of aluminum alloy structure, which can be freely spliced according to the size of your venue. Holding exhibitions in the exquisite tent can extend your creative space infinitely.

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