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Social responsibility


Corporate Ethics

WT TENT is not only focus on manufacturing high quality tent products, but also set contribution as a goal and take part in public activities positively.The business philosophy of WT TENT is doing the best to serve clients,employees and society. WT's target is to become the top class aluminum tent manufacturer all over the world.

Earthquake Relief

The earthquake at a Richter scale of eight suddenly happened at 14:28 on May 12nd of 2008 in Sichuan province,it suffered huge losses, a huge of houses were collapsed,it's heartrending to know that thousands of students were killed in this destructive disaster. According to the preliminary statistics,70% schools were severly damaged in Sichuan province,some country-level cities even can't found any intact classroom.At this severe earthquake disaster,tent resources were in short supply, in order to support the disaster areas,WT TENT has donated four batches of tents that with a total value of more than 40 million CNY. The first batch was donated to the local Red Cross as control rooms and medical stations,which worth 108,000 CNY。WT staff also have donated much money to the affected area.

Talent strategy

Talent is our core competitiveness,WT TENT was founded at the beginning will pay attention to the cultivation of talents.For every one of our talents tailored a set of gold belongs to the occupation development channel ,WT in improving the comprehensive quality of talents and create a good cultural environment ,WT constantly improve the core competitiveness in the industry,taking advantage of talent strong enterprise,talent concept strong enterprises to the innovative development of enterprises,the enterprises personnel structure optimization.

Supporting National Sports Business

Under the special social background,it is quite hard for sport organizations to get enough funds to support sport events. this is a major obstacle which can stop and slow the development of national sport industry.WT Tent is positively involved in this business,and a great number of high quality tents and good services were provided to some large-scale events,such as 2008 Beijing summer Olympics Game and so on .

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