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WT Tent provided the warehouse tent for Caterpillar/S.F.express.
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Having a certain amount of inventory is the guarantee for a company to achieve rapid trading ,but many company are facing headache of warehouse,during the off-season,warehouse utilization is low,greatly in creased the company’s operating costs;when the peak season is coming,,warehouse space is not enough.warehouse can solve these questions.

1.Warehouse tent is modular design,1-60m width available,unlimited in length, it is can be customized to meet customer’s requirement.
2.Short construction and installation time,can be assembled and disassembled ,repeatedly
3.Advanced design ,easy for container trucks,forklifts to go in and out...
4.Full supporting facilities,such as clear PVC window,steel sheet wall ,rock-wool sandwich panel wall and ABS wall ,wooden flooring,and internal decoration linings ,in addition,it equipped with variety of accessories such as lighting,illumination ,drainage and A/C systems etc.
5.Multi-purpose,the warehouse can be used as a industrial tent,a office tent,a event tent,a wedding tent ,a exhibition tent and so on,so it can meet you different requirement.
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